REDSTAR Works Products

It all started as a project to create a fun gift for our design studio clients. I was looking for an interesting material and I fell in love with TYVEK. It looks like paper but it its stronger, waterproof and tear resistant, which meant we could do more with it. I loved the idea of a lunch bag with Chinese characters on it and decided to do a run, which we could give away as gifts. But as soon as I showed the bag with the 吃饭了!(Lunch in Chinese, or lets eat)my friends wanted to buy them as gifts to take back home. Then i wanted to use the material to make a bag, that looked nice, didn't cost an arm and a leg, and was great for everyday wear and shopping. I carry everywhere a 17 inch MAC, which is heavy and way too big :) so I selfishly made the bag a bit bigger to fit all i needed to carry. It turns out to be a great bag to go to the market with as well. And again, few of my friends and their friends wanted one...I added a wine bottle cooler to the range of products, because its a fun way to gift a bottle of wine and also a great way to take a chilled bottle of wine to a picnic. 
This is how REDSTAR Works Gifts website was born. We are still very new and are taking baby steps to bring products we love to everyone. Few new items are in the making. Stay tuned to see when they are ready for sale. 
You can find our products now in stores in China, Bulgaria and UK. More details will come soon. 
If you have any questions, want to discuss orders, custom products for your own brand please drop us a line. We will try to respond as fast as we can. 
Thank you all for your support and patience.